Moleman 4: Longplay

Moleman 4: Longplay

It is the year 2546. Corporations rule the entire planet, along with an agent is about a secret mission to learn more about the countless stories of this past. His journey leads him to some secret virtual reality where the 1980s, an age that witnessed the birth of game enhancement, a meeting in which a politically and economically restricted European country , Hungary, had a significant function has been recreated by one corporation. He discovers that a strange but exciting world, where computers were hammered through the Iron Curtain and engineers started developing games. When an organization of people managed to set up one of the very first game development studios in the world, this little country was under Soviet pressure, and computer stores that are western started clearing room to get items that are Hungarian.
Duration: 84 min
Country: Hungary
Production: Flame Film Bt.

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